World Languages

In today’s diverse society, we must understand and respect other world cultures as well as our own. The comprehension of another’s culture is greatly enhanced by the ability to speak the language. By acquiring a second language, we can better understand ours. The Foreign Language Department offers a continuum of French or Spanish courses.

It is our philosophy that the aural and oral skills are of primary importance. To ensure facility in speaking the language, we devote much class time to conversational and pronunciation skills. The successful completion of three levels in the same language will satisfy most colleges and universities. Completion of levels four and five could prepare a student for a career in which a foreign language is essential, better one’s chances for college acceptance, maximize one’s chances for high scores on the French or Spanish College Achievements, and in some cases, earn college credit.

The primary goal of the French/Spanish curriculum is to provide students language instruction based on practical proficiency-based approach. This method of instruction will interrelate, in cooperative learning settings, the study of language, grammar, vocabulary, and culture, while encouraging creative self-expression. The four language skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing, will be taught in a culturally correct context engaging the students’ interest and preparing them to use the language functionally.