Seniors, please pay close attention to how the scholarship committee would like to receive your application. Deadline dates can be labeled postmarked by or received by, which will make a difference in timing when you send them out.

Scholarship Name - Deadline

Sons of the American Legion-4/15

Clarence F. Birchmore Memorial Scholarship-4/15

Horatio Alger Career& Technical Scholarship-4/15

The Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship-Early action deadline-4/3 Regular deadline-5/1

Pittsford Masonic Association Scholarship-5/1

Nickwackett Hose Co. Pittsford Fire Department Scholarship-5/1

Vermont Golf Association-5/1

Jacob Billings Memorial Fund for Agriculture Scholarship-5/1

Otter Valley Football Club Scholarship-5/1

Brandon/Forestdale Lions Club - Michael J. Pfenning Memorial Scholarship-5/1

Brendan R. Shea Memorial Scholarship-5/1

Pittsford Lions Club - Paul W. Wheeler Memorial Scholarship-5/1

Eugenia T. LaDam Memorial Scholarship-5/1

OVUHS Scholarship-5/1

Ashley M. Quenneville Scholarship - 5/1

Adaptive Martial Arts Association Scholarship-5/1

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust-5/1

Addison County 4-H Foundation Scholarship-5/10

Brandon Artist Guild Scholarship-5/10

Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce-5/12

PB&J Scholarship-5/31

BigSun Scholarship-6/19

Rutland PEG TV Courcelle Scholarship-5/1