Middle School


Here is our OV Transition Handboook.


Welcome to Otter Valley Union Middle School.
We have much to offer at Otter Valley. Beyond the academics, we have a variety of sports and fantastic art, music and theater programs.

The faculty and staff at OV realize that each child comes with unique strengths, challenges, and needs. We value all of them and strive to meet the needs of each student to help make each successful. Please feel free to communicate directly with teachers to help maximize your child’s learning.

We encourage you to contact us, as well, with comments or concerns throughout the school year. For students who will be entering as seventh graders, there are numerous changes from their smaller elementary school. We have worked to ease that transition, but it is only natural for students to have some apprehension about this major event in their life. Please encourage him/her to contact Claudia Larrow (middle school guidance counselor), or any of his/her teachers with any concerns they have. From experience, we know it is best to address those issues as early as possible and no matter is too small if it is a concern for them.

We believe educating a child is the responsibility of many, including the student, the parents and the school community. We look forward to working with you as we strive to provide the best possible education for your child. During the middle school years, students undergo dramatic changes in physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. Working collaboratively through this process we can support all students in reaching their maximum potential.


River Otters Navigators
Mr. Perta
Room 152
Ms. Watters
Room 206
Mr. Cifone
Room 157
Ms. Dawson
Room 204
Ms. Kalisz
Room 302
Ms. McMullen
Rm 202
Mrs. Hall
Room 358
Ms. LaFountain
          Room 203    
Ms. Buxton
Rm. 148
Mrs. Blow
Room 353
Ms. Shaeffer
Room 161
Mr. Hunter
Room 207
Mr. Clark
Room 153
Ms. St. Michaud
Room 205
Mr. Fallon
                    Rm. 358 (adv. time only)
Mrs. Lanphere
Rm. 150 
Ms. Nitka
Rm. 307
Mr. Kalb
Rm. 203